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The Process

The quality of your treatment depends largely on two things: one, being treated with

the best and most appropriate machines, micro-needles, pigments, tools and products

available; and two, having your treatment performed by a skilled, knowledgeable,

and trustworthy practitioner.

Seung provides all of the above as well as a passionate, perfectionist mentality.

Treatment typically consists of a detailed consultation so that Seung and her
client will have a firm understanding of the entire treatment process: what style or
plan of treatment will deliver the best look; desired and expected results; after
care; and more. The first treatment session may be done the same day of the
consultation or at a future date, with a follow-up appointment two to three weeks
later to assess the initial results and, generally, to add additional pigmentation to
bring about a more natural hair-color and the look of greater hair density and
cover. A third session, about four to six weeks after the second appointment,
may be required, as well.

It is usually best to pursue a conservative approach during your first treatment so
as to achieve the optimal end result.  This initial session is to lay the foundation
for your new look.  After the first treatment, your scalp will be a little red, but
within a single day this typically returns to normal.

The follow-up session provides the opportunity to fill in more detail and go a
shade darker than your initial session. This session is where your treatment
really comes to life, and your new look is perfected. Any concerns, questions or
requests will be addressed during this meeting.
As mentioned, sometimes a third procedure may be required. Third treatments
may typically be done at the request of the client, who may wish to go to an even
darker look. This is something that can always be discussed and determined
after the second session.

Many clients report only minimal discomfort during the procedures, and, more
importantly, a true boost in self-confidence and an enhanced appearance after
just one session.

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